is a Vienna-based design studio founded by
Valentin Vodev - Marlene Liska - Jakob Illera.
Its design stands for creative solution optimization in products using traditional materials. Traditional materials, yet for modern usage, CREATIVEINDUSTRIALOBJECTS combines the honest rapport to material and the foresight of changing living conditions that brings to life cutting-edge products.

Vodev, Liska and Illera have chosen Bulgaria as headquarters for their production – a place, where the high artistic mastery, stylistic features and skilled workmanship of Thracian times is still part of the craftsmen’s proud tradition. Rediscovered for their detail-oriented handicraft, CREATIVEINDUSTRIALOBJECTS has joined them in the work process that emanates as a sketch, a 3D computer model and lastly a physical model from the Vienna-studio. Through intensive collaboration with producers, material researchers and retailers, CREATIVEINDUSTRIALOBJECTS has brought their high-quality products to the international scene.

Embodying craftsmanship in industrial design, CREATIVEINDUSTRIALOBJECTS becomes what it stands for: creativity for product design with emphasis on traditional materials as well as on technical mastery.

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