5 Creative Tips to Design & Decorate Your Office Reception for an Appealing Look and Feel

Comfortable and inviting office space has an effect on your general mood and productivity. It also greatly impacts your business and its success, hence the need to decorate your office properly.

A productive office space strikes a balance between comfort and a professional business image. Workers thrive in a healthy work environment full of life, color and inspiration.

Embody your business values in your office design to make everyone feel great at work. First impressions are made in your reception area.


You should make the impressions count.

Your reception should be beautiful and reflects the unique character and personality of your business. If you lack a background in interior design, design your reception around your brand. Make it as simple as possible.

What’s more, you don’t need a big budget or a large brand manual to personalize your reception. But, you must make some choices to create a unique style. For instance, you can’t create a reception area that’s both energizing and relaxing, awe-inspiring and approachable, or serious and playful.

Choose the emotions you’d like to evoke in your reception area, distinguishing your brand from others.

The right decorating ideas will inspire and motivate your employees to keep being productive while creative a great first impression in the eyes of those who walk in for the first time.

    Here’re a few tips to help you adorn your reception area, spicing up and bringing it back to life:

    • Add comfortable upholstered furniture for a welcoming and comfortable reception
    • Add plants for a calming and tranquil effect
    • Use opulent bouquets to make your space glamorous or prestigious
    • Integrate pops of color to create an exciting and energetic look
    • Use art for a creative and eclectic look

    5 Ways You Can Design and Decorate Your Reception Area

    1. Add comfortable upholstered furniture for a welcoming and comfortable reception

    Do you want to make your visitors at ease so they can easily relate to your brand?

    If yes, add some elements of comfort to your reception. Opt for nothing pretentious, but relatable décor pieces that reflect a home environment.

    However, this doesn’t mean that you furnish your reception with leather recliners all round. Keep your brand in mind to make your reception look professional.

    You need a home-like reception if your office receives nervous visitors, such as patients visiting therapists or dental offices. It can also work if you’re dedicated to developing a personal relationship with your customers or offer personal services. It’s a great way to offer radical customer service.

    Cushion and upholstery add comfort and accent to your furniture and reception area. Apart from using upholstered furniture for comfort, you can also create a friendly and approachable atmosphere in the following ways:

    • Homey touches such as lamps, potted plants, area rugs, curtains for comfort, and domestic-style accents.
    • Warm colors with softer textures will make visitors feel at home.

    If you possess welding skills or can easily hire a welder, you can use a portable TIG welding machine to design a metal rack stand for display purposes. This is a great way to give your reception a rustic touch.

    Use cushions and throw pillows to add comfort to your furniture.

    2. Add plants for a calming and tranquil effect

    Minimal clutter, clean lines, and nature-inspired items are typical of Zen-style receptions for focused, centered, and calm visitors.

    Visitors will get to relax and become at ease whenever they step into your reception area. If your company has an earth-loving mission, you’ll also find this design tip handy.

    Even so, any organization can adopt a calming reception to inspire a focus on their visitors and employees. Such spaces are also stylish.

    Add vertical gardens and living walls in your reception area for a more peaceful office environment. You’ll also enjoy improved air quality and low maintenance on the lush fixtures.

    You can also:

    • Install calming lighting for an ambient glow and inspire calm.
    • Add water features such as wall-mounted water features or fountains for the calming effect of looking at or hearing the sound of water.

    3. Use opulent bouquets to make your space glamorous or prestigious

    Is your company a luxury brand looking to impress customers and clients with big budgets?

    If yes, you need a reception that’s designed to impress your customers, assuring them of elite treatment.

    But, you don’t need gilded gold frames to create a luxury look in your reception. Investing in a few beautiful accents or premium materials is key to impressing your clients who’re after red-carpet treatment.

    A beautifully fresh, floral arrangement is realistic and brightens up interior spaces. You can also:

    • Use top quality materials such as an impressive mahogany desk, a glossy marble floor, or a leather couch. They indicate that you value every experience you share with your visitors.
    • Add dramatic accents through dramatic lighting and bold patterns to create a positive impression and more inspiration. Elegant materials such as stone or metal with polished accents give reception areas a glam look.

    4. Integrate pops of color to create an exciting and energetic look

    Do you want a reception that showcases your brand as hardworking, on-trend, and forward-thinking? If yes, use a combination of clean lines, modern elements, and styles, and bright colors to project enthusiasm and energy.

    This design idea is ideal for startups, a creative company, and any other organization with the need to convey passion. Add pops of color in the artwork, accent walls, or statement pieces to energize your reception.

    Also, consider:

    • Installing bright lighting from custom-lit signs, natural light coming through windows, or fresh light fixtures to express energy.
    • Use inspiring words such as bold, inspiring slogans and signs to make direct statements regarding the culture of your company.
    • Invest in fun features for a sense of playfulness and energy in your reception.

    5. Use art for a creative and eclectic look

    Art can make your space hipper and edgier, making visitors feel like cool kids. Do you want your visitors to think creatively? Art will make your reception area stand out.

    Paint murals behind your reception desk to bring out the character of your company. Other handy tips for an eclectic and creative reception include:

    Using statement pieces such as a sculpture, a large, colorful chandelier, or a company logo that glows to create focal points. It’ll inspire your space and showcase an eclectic appeal to create a cool reception.

    Setup distinct seating and furniture to differentiate your company from its competitors.


    With the right design tips, you can make your reception area convey the right brand message. And, depending on the type of message you want to show and how you want your visitors to feel, you can choose the most suitable design style.