How to Make Your Exhibition Stand Out a Trade Show

A trade show is a perfect place to find prospective customers and make your brand popular. However, most trade shows are usually congested with many competitors. As a result, it’s easy to get lost and be overlooked by the attendees.

It would be best to find a way to stand out and get maximum ROI for your time and money. The best thing you can do is think strategically and make sure that everybody is talking about your exhibition stand. Nevertheless, they are additional things you can do to stand out.

Prepare Early

Begin planning for the trade show months in advance. Create leaflets and handouts that will be distributed to potential conference attendees. For instance, you can get t-shirts, pencils, and logos with an image of your exhibition stand printed on them. These handouts can be free or sold for a meager price.

Create Unusual Gifts

As stated above, you should create some free giveaways. However, giveaways alone will not make your business stand out. Therefore, you will need a gift that is unique and unusual. For instance, you can give out smart glasses, socks, balloons, and even headphones. Just make sure whatever you give is appropriate.

Use Humour to Create Buzz

It would help if you stayed at the forefront of any conversation among the attendees. You want to make sure that the people who see your booth will tell other people about it. This word of mouth marketing strategy is highly effective. One way to push the conversation forward is to say something humorous that can be talked about.

Study Your Opponents

Research what your opponents have been doing at previous precious trade shows. Look at the type of booths they have been constructing and find out if they were successful. If a specific competitor was successful at a trade show, you should try to replicate their success. Likewise, avoid any strategies that did not work for previous trade show booths.

Utilize Features on Your Website

Your website has many features you can use to make your trade show setup more visible. For instance, you can create a booth design illustrating the various features of your website. The booth can also display your website URL and your social media pages. This is a good way to get the conversation going and encourage people to check out your website.

Create a Great Display

Everything ultimately boils down to the display of your booth. Some companies invest 70% of their trade show budget on display alone. So, make sure you invest more money in the display. You can take a big chunk of money from your marketing budget and use it for the trade show booth. Moreover, please have something visually attractive printed and ready for display.

Give Out Reusable Bags

The trade show attendees will be receiving items from your competitors at the trade show. Each presenter will have reusable bags they’ll be handing out, along with other goodies. Research has shown that the biggest bag tends to stand out because it can accommodate all the other bags. That means that the attendees will put the other bags into your bag if you give out the largest reusable bag. Moreover, they’ll continue using your reusable bag even after leaving the trade show. On the other hand, small bags tend to be discarded quickly.

Invest in a Memorable Party

Most trade show attendees don’t want boredom to follow them to the trade show. Unfortunately, many trade show events end up being boring. This is your chance to stand out and be the new kid on the block. The only way to make this possible is to organize fun events. Make sure you are more excited to be at the event than your competitors by making some noise. For example, you can stage a party and invite attendees to join it.

A great party must have great food.  This is where Kamado grills can be useful tools. Similarly, you can buy an infrared grill for a great sear on your steak.

Create Hope

When you give away t-shirts, make sure you motivate the receivers to wear them. For instance, you can tell them that you will give them a present if you spot them wearing it. This will encourage people to wear your shirt in the hope they will get a present.


What can you do to make your next trade show appearance memorable? There’s a lot you can do to make your exhibition stand out. The tips we have illustrated above will come in handy when you plan your next trade show exhibition.